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Fri, Sep. 17th, 2004, 11:17 pm
trinsec: Trouble on the Salton! (Sickbay/Bridge) Kau'i Ome ranting and raving mad!

Science/Med Lab [Salton]
No smell of sickness or medicine permeates through this area though it serves its purpose as the Sickbay. Eight biobeds all settle along one wall, viewscreens set above the head of the beds to monitor the status of patients whilst various pieces of equipment, all done in black lacquered material and silver, are settled in their appropriate spots, a simple solution to break up the otherwise stark whiteness of the room. An observation area is settled behind a wall of clear glass, a door leading into it to give doctors the room they need and the semi-privacy to run tests and diagnose patients with the terminals that run along the clear material. Chairs are set in front of the terminals and storage areas rest behind them for samples and other bits. From the observation are a door leads back into a larger research area.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Salton                                  Fore      (F) - [Research Lab]
Vesquin                                 Starboard (S) - [Services Deck]

Nix peeks in, apparently she noticed a lot of presence in this room.
Salton is tending to Vesquin
Kau'i is just sitting there, laying back down eventually as she sets her glass of water in the nook of her arm, "Salton, do you know what Perrim has been busy with lately that he hasn't replied to my reports I've sent him?" Soft voice inquires as she closes her eyes, dark blue espied through lids due to the lights around illuminating blood vessels. Ah..she loves this channel, "I'm curious."
Salton responds while waiting for the android to runs his diagnostics, "No. I have not heard from him since he first came to meet me."
Kau'i nods her head once then and..continues to lie back.
Vesquin nods. "I am fully operational once again. Thank you."
Salton says, "Good. You are free to roam then!"
Salton activates all systems.
Nix is still standing behind the door, peeking in.
Salton says, "HEY!"
Kau'i looks towards Nix now, eyebrow lightly raising before she eyes Salton, "Am I apparently confined to the medical labs now?"
Salton taps his Communicator and says, "Whay did you power up systems????"
Nix smiles all goofy-like when someone apparently seems to have noticed her. She glances at Salton.
Salton says, "Yes. Until you are well."
Salton's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "As I told you, since you weren't listening, apparently, so there is power to sensors."
Salton taps his Communicator and says, "We are in dock? Why do we need sensors?"
Salton's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "So we know what going on. and it's not jsut for Sensors. It's for Transporters and Communications too."
Salton taps his Communicator and says, "Power us down! The Cardassians might get curious again!"
Nix's eyes open a bit wider at 'Cardassians'. She raises an eyebrow and actually does a step into the room, moving away from her relatively hidden spot.
Salton's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "To hell with the Cardassians."
Salton says, "Scuse me"
Salton zips out like a droid with a mission
Salton has left.
Salton deactivates all systems.
Nix scratches her head, "What goin' on?"
Kau'i shakes her head as she sits up again, glass of water quickly set on the bed beside her as she calls after Salton, "SALTON. Don't you dare leave me here!!!" But he's already gone and she's left with Nix. One eyebrow raises and she quickly looks to her wristunit, tapping a few buttons, a hng sounding in her throat, "You're that Nix." Ome states, an eyebrow raising, "Ne?" She then taps her compin.
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "You left me here alone. In a forcefield. What if I have to go to the washroom?"
Nix nods slightly, looking a bit confused at the scene going on. "Yeah, that I am. And you are...?"

Soft darkness dances about, blue eyes changing from a stormy green/blue hue to a light aqua, mood changing with each passing minute. Rich blue skin, soft to the touch, encases her body in a whole; royal blue infuses two full pouting lips shades darker than the rest of her skin. Lashes crowd about slanted eyes, pride held within the ebony depth of them. Square jaw rounds off and up to an oval face, a dusky pale blue shade swept across, light cobalt coloring the Bolians high cheeks. Leading all the way down the middle of her body is a ridge that travels all the way down her face and beneath clothing straight down her middle and back up across her spine leading to join the other half at the top of her scalp. A long delicate neck leads down to softly rounded blue shoulders, arms fitting smallness of body, a height of 5'1" achieved. Body is kept in shape, muscled, not overly so, kept taut and lean. Curves show out quite easily, hips curving down and about, bosom full for her small stature, a sensuous cant always taken with her body.

Dressed from head to toe in black save for belt this Bolian wears a body conforming shipsuit that is meant to look good as much as it's meant to protect the woman. A collar wraps about her neck and stops below the chin, zipper cascading from top of the neck all the way down to her collarbone where it veers off to the left to curve about her bosom and zipper down the side all the way down to the left ankle. Sleeves are piped neatly and end at her wrists. Pockets line the thighs of this suit and various things such as DataPADD and her favorite lollipops are all held within. On her left wrist she holds her wristunit and it encapsulates her forearm, unit reconfigured to serve the same function as a scanner as well as act as a comm unit. It's grayish silver and fits nicely against flesh so as not to get in the way. To complete the uniform are a pair of boots which go up just below the knees, soles thick and made to grasp to many surfaces including ice. An odd touch to the uniform is a black leather belt which is slung low on hips- It is decorated with tiny amethyst jewels around it in a thin line and carries loops and clamps to carry various things.
Communicator (23785)

Nix begins to giggle a little.
"Your boss. One of them. I'm Ome, Deputy Director of the Federation Science Council." Kau'i says, eyebrows drawing together as she eyes the other, "I swear to the bloody hells, the people he hires.." That last part is a soft mutter barely audible as she taps her compin yet again.
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "I will /not/ do that. You /will/ release this forcefield from around me -now-. I will not stop anyone from powering you up unless you release me so I can deal with them personally. Just shield the airlock if you are worried about me escaping."
Nix does a few steps closer to the forcefield, making damn sure she's not going to touch it. She examines the Bolian a bit more closely. "Are you sure you're one of my bosses?" she asks uncertainly.
Kau'i's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "He said you were infected!"
Nix does a few steps back immediately.
"How about I fire you and you find out the hard way." Ome says with a growl, usually calm Bolian obviously upset as she then shakes her head.
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "I am NOT infected. If I was I would not be here, I'd be in quarantine down on the bloody Endeavor. Now release me or I will continuously throw myself into this damned forcefield until you do something about it. Do you understand me? I am VERY emotionally distressed and am NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THIS."
Nix blinks slightly, chuckling a bit nervously. "Um... I think I'll be um.. going? Uhuh.."
Kau'i lifts a finger and points it at Nix, "You leave and I'm beaming you onto deck ten on the Endeavor. Got it?"
Nix stares at Kau'i blankly. "Uh, right. Gotcha. What'd you want me to do, then?" She looks around, wondering if there's some excuse to get away from this.. ... this obviously unstable creature.
Kau'i's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "I will allow you access to a normal bathroom. Follow the fields as they go. The will allow you to walk to the bathroom."
Nix glances around quickly to see where the bathroom is. Apparently she wants to get out of the way.
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "Then you WILL RELEASE this damned forcefield. I have to pee, and I am very distraught. Got it? Or you're going to have to explain to Perrim why his Deputy Director sustained injuries from smacking herself into your forcefields. *An indignant mutter* Excuse me? You will release all fields on me."
"You're going to stand there and keep me company so I am not alone. Do you understand? And you will stop asking questions and update me as to what has been happening on this ship. If you do not satisfy me with your report I will fire you. Do we have an understanding?!" The Bolian says as she jabs the finger towards the other woman. For a tiny little blue thing she is sure a spit fire.
Nix uuuhs, just nodding with a dumb look in her eyes. She just stands there.
Kau'i's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "I will lower the fields. You need to order this person to not power me up or he might get beamed off!"
Kau'i takes in a deep breath, glare settled on the woman, "You have about five minutes to start your report or I will release your duties to Fed Sci and send you on your way." Then she starts yelling into her compin again.
...Or not. Yay! She's a happy Bolian now!
Kau'i looked at me!
Kau'i sucks in a deep breath and suddenly looks very relieved as she hops off the bed then, clothes straightened on her frame as she considers the woman, "You're coming with me. To the bridge. You will guard me, you will report on our way to the bridge. If there is trouble I fully expect you to disable the person powering up the Salton. You displease me in any way and you will be fired."
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "On my way to the bridge."
Nix blinks, getting even more confused. "D'you.." but then she remembers about 'stop asking questions.' She mutters.. "Uh right. Report. Um. I'm new, signed up, uh.." She starts to ramble, "Met Perrim, then Nighthawk called on me. Talked about Salton. Got beamed on board during sleep. Met Salton. Helped him to keep him safe. Found out that a Cardassian snooped around on the Salton and um..." She ponders, then continues rambling, "Also a Cardassian ship scanned us. When confronted they denied knowledge. Uh, I've been on the Salton for most of the time. Nighthawk told us to patrol the hatch and me and Salton went to do just that." She pauses as Kau'i says she'd go to the bridge.
Nix also finally breathes. puff puff.
Kau'i nods her head, "Good. One cookie point for you now. Thank you for the report. Come now." And the tiny little woman strides out, "Keep up."
Kau'i has left.

Services Deck [Salton]
The corridor opens up wide as the more prominent of areas is approached, this deck holding the important service areas such as the Medical Labs and the Engineering labs. The lighting is brighter here but softer, white walls faintly glowing and providing the pathways to the various doors. Carpeting cushions footfall but is stout enough to withstand the heavy traffic area. At the very end of the corridor a hatch is situated which serves the purpose of the Airlock. While this vicinity may be a busier portion of the ship it tends to hold its noise, voices not usually carrying higher than a murmur.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Kau'i                                   Starboard (S) - [Lounge/Meeting Area]
                                        Port      (P) - [Science/Med Lab]
                                        Fore      (F) - [Engineering]
                                        Aft       (A) - [Airlock]
                                        Up        (U) - [Crew Deck]

Kau'i's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "Ome, don't come to the bridge!"
Kau'i's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "I beg you, don't come!"
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "You better give me a damn good reason, Gonavich. I'm on my way now."
You begin following Kau'i.
Kau'i has left.
You follow Kau'i.

Crew Deck [Salton]
The crew deck is a longer hallway which leads to various exits which either lead to other hallways or just individual rooms with no exit leading anywhere but out. Bright white infuses the space up and to the sides, creating a warm glow which ebbs and wanes given the time of day. Silvery gray lines the bulkhead about waist high in a thin line, border giving a person something else to focus on other than the white walls. Same door panels are found outside each entrance or exit. This is a fairly busy portion of the ship, given to traffic at all times of day or night, due to living quarters positioned here.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Kau'i                                   Down      (D) - [Services Deck]
                                        Aft       (A) - [Crew Bunks]
                                        Starboard (S) - [VIP]
                                        Port      (P) - [Captain]
                                        Fore      (F) - [Mission Chief]
                                        Up        (U) - [Corridor]

Kau'i has left.
You follow Kau'i.

Corridor [Salton]
Curving in a soft arch this corridor leads to various rooms within the ship, most notably the Bridge. Pristine white coats the bulkhead in crisp self-illuminating color, no need for ceiling panels to light the way for crewmembers who roam this corridor. The carpet beneath oneself is soft muted beige; cushioning footfall and creating an ethereal silence save for the various conversations which echo throughout during the busier times. Door panels allow for access to each room, spanning half a foot, illuminated in a band of white light, set about shoulder height to the average humanoid.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Kau'i                                   Fore (F) - [Bridge]
                                        Down (D) - [Crew Deck]
                                        Aft  (A) - [Captain's Lounge]

Kau'i has left.
You follow Kau'i.

Bridge [Salton]
The room is a clean white room. Very bland. There are no view screens or consoles. There is only 3 chairs with helmet like visors as well as 2 plug like items hanging down. You will often see a Salton Droid connected to one.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Kau'i                                   Aft (A) - [Corridor]
Cyber Jack 2                             
Cyber Jack 1 <Salton>                    
Virtual Mission Console 2 <IND_Salton>   
Virtual Mission Console 1 <Gonavich>     
Virtual Command Chair                   

Gonavich says, "NO!"
Nix is on Kau'i's tail.
(Figuratively speaking)
Gonavich says, "Salton, don't lower the forcefield on me!"
Gonavich says, "Alright. Do you understand me. Don't lower the forcefield around me."
Kau'i stops as soon as the bridge door opens and quickly steps back, an eyebrow raising, "What is going on?" She keeps the door from sliding shut by touching the panel at the outside of the door by a bare fingertips touch- woman keeping as far away as possible.
Salton says, "You will unman that console"
Nix was following Kau'i closely but bumped a bit into her when she did a step back. She rubs her chest as she tries to peek in the bridge over Kau'i's shoulders.
Gonavich sits at the console with a forcefield around him. "I will not," Gonvich says, "Because if you lower this forcefield, i'll lower us all up. She's infecte djust like Doctor Petrovich and the Endeavour."
Nix peeks over Kau'i's head then.
Salton says, "I assure you she is not infected. I have run many scans and she is NOT acting abnormal...least not for her."
Salton says, "When I got her she wasn't even on an infectd deck"
Nix coughs slightly on Salton's comment about her acting NOT abnormally.
"Gonavich you dumbass." Yes, Kay'i is cussing! Sort of, "I am NOT infected. They would not have allowed me to be beamed over. Salton. Lower the shields so I can smack him." That's right, the woman steps fully onto the bridge, "I have not been NEAR any of the infected. Here. Let me breathe on you. Now get off that damned console before I smack you."
Gonavich says, "I have never seen her act the way as she acts now. If you lower the forcefield, I will blow us all up. I will not become infected!"
Now that Kau'i is on the bridge, Nix also sneaks in. She heads slowly towards Salton.
Salton activates all systems.
I can't tell which one you mean.

        This is a tall male standing around 5'9" with a human appearance. He has a medium build and looks to weigh around 150 lbs. He has tanned skin and forest green eyes. His auburn colored hair is trimmed short to just above the ears. His face is smooth and clean shaven. He has a calm, pleasant feeling about him.
        He is wearing a deep orange that is tucked into a pair of dark green pants. On his feet, he is wearing a slick, polished pair of black boots. The top of his boots are covered by the leg of his pants. Over his body, he is wearing a dark green, sleeveless robe that falls all the way down to the floor and is open in the front.
Communicator (21526)

Kau'i raises an eyebrow then as she steps up to the forcefield surrounding the man, "Gonavich. I almost died yesterday. I fell down a damn jeffries tube and nearly plummeted to my death. You want me to act rational? I am /freaked/ out, /stressed/. Now get away from that console. Salton, lower the shields and lock him out from controls."

Salton deactivates all systems.
Gonavich looks at Ome, "If you are stressed, then you shouldn't be running aorund terrorizing your crew! I will not leave this console until everyone is gone or I'm back on starbase 241."
Salton activates all systems.
Nix looks like as if she's pretty much in agreement with Gonavich regarding the terrorizing part. She doesn't say it, though.
"Terrorizing crew? You are terrorizing a crew member right now. The Salton is not your personal toy to mess around with." Ome says with a snort, arms crossing against her chest, "And Salton, beam him to the brig then, please. He can hang out there for a while."

Bridge [Salton]
The room is a clean white room. Very bland. There are no view screens or consoles. There is only 3 chairs with helmet like visors as well as 2 plug like items hanging down. You will often see a Salton Droid connected to one.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Kau'i                                   Aft (A) - [Corridor]
Cyber Jack 2                             
Cyber Jack 1 <Salton>                    
Virtual Mission Console 2 <IND_Salton>   
Virtual Mission Console 1 <Gonavich>     
Virtual Command Chair                   

Gonavich unmans Virtual Mission Console 1.
Gonavich stands from the console, which is technically unmanning it, saying, "He's terrorizing me! He's trying to kill me! I swear! IF we ever get back to Starbase 241, Perrim is getting a full report on this."
"He has gotten a full report and will get a report of your irrational actions. Perhaps you are infected. Nix, don't go near him. Stay back at least two meters. He is acting very irrational and seems to exhibit the same symptoms as those who are infected. Salton, beam him to the bio-containment brig rooms. He can remain there until e find a cure."
You see a blue shimmering transporter beam.
Gonavich has left.
Nix is pressed against the walls, not like she's going to be near ANYONE right now!
Salton deactivates all systems.
Salton says, "I had no choice."
Salton deact systems and recharges
Kau'i checks the location of the crew and raises an eyebrow, "SALTON. Where is Gonavich?!"
Kau'i's Communicator chirps followed by a voice saying, "You've beamed me to an infected death! You've just killed me!"
Nix blinks slightly, getting a bit like.. twitchy from all the panic around.
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "I did NOT ask him to beam you there.", but it is followed by a tone indicating it failed to send.
Salton says, "I beamed him to un uninfected Deck"
Nix uhuhs, "What if he is infected?"
Kau'i raises a hand to her face as..emotionally begins to unravel, "/Salton/...Beam him to the BRIG. NOW."
Salton says, "Not my concern. He was getting Violent. He threatened me. He is no longer welcome on me."
Nix glances at Kau'i, "Should we beam the whole deck to the brig as well? I mean.." She shrugs as she hears Salton, "Good enough.'
Salton has disconnected.
Salton unmans Cyber Jack 1.
Kau'i's bottom lip puckers out and she slowly drops to her knees, head shaking, "This is ridiculous. I can't believe this is happening. Nix..You do not understand how emotionally stressing it is going to be for Gonavich to be on the Endeavour. He is /not/ infected but chances are he will get infected now because of the damned bloody.." And she lifts a hand and shakes it in frustration at the ship, "Salton and his grudges." Slowly tears well her eyes but don't fall, and the woman shakes her head, "People need to /learn/ to follow orders."
Kau'i taps her Communicator and says, "Perrim.", but it is followed by a tone indicating it failed to send.
Nix ums a little as she sees Kau'i, apparently, getting a mental breakdown as she gets on her knees. "If .. uh if you say so. I don't know this Gonavich dude very well. Actually, this is the first time I saw him." She glances at the spot where he was before he got beamed off, "You sure he's in an infected area?"
"The ship is infected. Deck ten. But people are trying to escape." She pushes up then and takes in a deep breath, hands running over her face, "All right, Nix. Just what are your skills exactly. As a security personnel list weaknesses and strengths. I may need to use you."
Nix mrms, scratching her chin as she thinks about her 'l337 skillz' briefly. "Well, uh, I can use a weapon, and I can knock over people. Has a bunch of common sense, relatively speaking, and can chat with random peeps for information if necessary." She grins, "And I'm told I have a way of convincing people, though right now I don't think I'm capable of showing off that one."
Kau'i listens to the woman and blinks for a moment, "What is a ...'peep'? I..don't know this term. Is it an avian creature? I don't believe we'll need you to..talk to avian creatures for..information though I am sure the skill would be useful somewhere." Lips purse and she shakes her head, "No peeps on the Endeavour."
Nix looks at Kau'i flabbergasted but then begins to laugh. Yeah, she actually laughs after all the tension! "Heehee, no no.. it's like.. uh.. dudes.. peoples.. You know." She snickers, "Talking to peoples. All sorts." She grins down at the Bolian.
Kau'i's narrow slightly, "Dewds...And people? I understand the people. So you can talk to people to get information so..you have interrogation skills? All right. First thing I need you to do is right now..write a report to Perrim about the Cardassians, please? Don't leave any details out. And send it to me as well. Then when you are done please come and talk to me and I will instruct you further."
Nix nods slightly, "Report. Cardassians. Gotcha. Should I send a copy to that Nighthawk dude as well, erhh.. mister Nighthawk I meant. He also wanted to hear about it last time I spoke with him."
Kau'i points to one of the chairs on the consoles, "Sit down and write it here now. And..Yes. Please send a copy of it to Alexander as well please. And..I don't understand this dewd word." She shakes her head, "Do all Trill make up words as they go along? 'Peeps' and 'Dewds'." She curves a slight smile, relaxing somewhat in the company of the silly Trill, "You amuse me. But..get on the report please. I want it soon. So Perrim knows what is going on."
Nix nods slightly, "Okay, I'm on it." She glances at the available chairs and hops on one of those. "Now I'm really on it, gotcha." She goes fiddle with the reporting subroutines of the consoles.
Kau'i nods her head as she moves to settle in the other chair then, woman leaning elbows up onto the console as she simply closes her eyes and...relaxes for a moment.