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Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 01:27 pm
trinsec: A P2P communique with Alexander regarding training!

[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Nighthawk to Ms. Nix.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Nix here.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Status of the Salton?
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: *a yawn can be heard* Well, from the bunks it sure looks good.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: ...You are sleeping?
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Of course not!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: You woke me up!
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Ah. Well. I am sorry. Good morning, then?
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: *another yawn can be heard* Yeaawwh.. good morning to you too. Anything else going on?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: We are back aboard the USS Endeavour. Starfleet apparently found a way to stop infection.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Psionic shielding or some such thing.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: That's nifty. Right?
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: It means I can go sightsee on the Endeavour safely soon?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Yes, that is right, Ms. Nix. We already met with Doctor Petrovich. She treated my headache.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Ah cool, would she know a cure against headaches due to virtual reality systems?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: That is exactly why I got a headache! I was using the Salton, and I came out with a major headache.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: She fixed me up very well. Even though she insulted me.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Grand, looks like my problems could be solved then. Heh, why did she insult you? You said something dumb?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: I...asked for treatment. She told me I don't have a brain.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: *a giggle can be heard* No comment on that one, haha.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: I'll see if I can meet her sometime. In the meantime.. I meant to ask you about something.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Still there? Ms. Ome said that if you checked up my weapon experience, I could be issued a gun.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Yes. I have promised Ms. Ome to train you, Ms. Nix. In both weaponry and hand-to-hand combat.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Grand. So we'll do that sometime later, let me know whenever you'd be available. *a yawn is being suppressed but still a yawn nonetheless* I'll have to bug Salton sometime to teach me how to fly its systems, Mr. Perrim didn't seem altogether that knowledgeable to me.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: There is a holodeck on the Endeavour, Ms. Nix. Starbase 241 has better facilities, but if you come over to the Endeavour, I could ask permission of the Endeavour's command staff for recreational use of the holodeck?
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: What about the Salton?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Does the Salton have training facilities aboard it? I was not aware there was a holodeck. Is there?
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: No no no, that's not what I meant. The Salton needs to be guarded and kept safe, what about that? That's what I mean. *pause* I think.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: I see. That is true. How foolish of me. Yes, all the rest of the crew is over here, and Ms. Ome already fired the two guards that were intoxicated while on duty.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: *muttering, obviously not to be meant for the communicator* Some guards those were, where does he hire those people
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Ms. Ome says the same thing. Well, I would speak with Salton when you can and see what you can arrange. At worst, we can begin training on Starbase 241.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Alrighty. I will contact you when I can leave the Salton, if I can at all. I'll be bugging Salton in the meantime for flight instructions. This definitely is NOT a fighter. Was there anything else that needed addressing?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Negative, Ms. Nix. Keep me posted of any new developments.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Acknowledged! Nix Out.