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Fri, Sep. 17th, 2004, 11:06 pm
trinsec: The Crew seems lost and Salton gets clamped!

Airlock [Salton]
The airlock serves the purpose of moving from the interior of the ship to the outside of the ship, or vice versa. There are doors to the front and back as one steps into the area, and hatches locking them both. Able to pressurize and depressurize depending on need it remains a fairly neutral area, serving no other purpose other than to usher traffic in and out. It contains the same ethereal snow white bulkheads as the rest of the ship and the lighting is set to medium intensity.

Contents:                               Obvious Exits:
Jack Ryan <disconnected>                Airlock (O) - [GCSB Aehallhahi'aedt]
Redstar <disconnected>                  Down    (D) - [Landing/Cargo Bay]
                                        Fore    (F) - [Services Deck]

[P2P->Nix] Salton: Are you there?
[P2P->Salton] Nix: I guess so.
[P2P->Nix] Salton: I think we lost most of our crew...
[P2P->Salton] Nix: What makes you say that?
[P2P->Nix] Salton: Most of them went over to the Starfleet ship, and they are no longer returning hails, cept for the occasional scream for help
[P2P->Salton] Nix: Hum... Sounds bad, I agree. What if most of them are extremely busy?
<After time has passed>
[P2P->Salton] Nix: Hello? Hello? You're not infected, are you?
[P2P->Nix] Salton: Not that I know of. Does the infection make you think you aren't infected?
[P2P->Salton] Nix: I think it makes you scream 'Mister Monkey', do you scream that out loud yet?
[P2P->Nix] Salton: Nope
[P2P->Salton] Nix: Guess you're probably not infected for now. Neither am I, apparently. Where are you at currently?
[P2P->Nix] Salton: On the bridge. I have tried to beam people off into the holding areas, but I keep getting yelled at by starfleet not to.
[P2P->Salton] Nix: Mmm, tricky. What if starfleet is infected?

A noise is heard as the clamps of GCSB Aehallhahi'aedt are engaged around the Airlock.

[P2P->Salton] Nix: Salton, did you notice that?
[P2P->Nix] Salton: what?
[P2P->Salton] Nix: The Romulan base has engaged the clamps on you.
[P2P->Nix] Salton: Oh..yes...
[P2P->Salton] Nix: Have you gotten a message from them of some sort?
[P2P->Nix] Salton: Should I trust them?
[P2P->Salton] Nix: Most likely not.