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Sat, Sep. 18th, 2004, 12:37 am
trinsec: And the weirdness on the bridge still hasn't ceased...

[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Ms. Nix....there is a man in my room.....
Nix looks up from her log-writing and frowns.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Really? He's not in your bed, is he?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: ....Actually. He is on the floor beside my bed....
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Owh. And you are where?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: On my damn bed!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: So what's the problem? You wanted him on your bed?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: No! I want to...wait....*ruffling of fabric* Geezus! It is Gonavich!
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: What the hell is he doing here?!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Oh, /there/ is where he got sent off to? But why are you ripping the clothes there? I heard some tearing.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: I wasn't tearing anything. I was moving in my bed! Why is he here? It is most vexing to wake up and seeing a man in my bedroom!
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: I could have killed him on sight!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: *Giggling can be heard in the background* *Nix's voice is calm though* I'd actually not mind finding a man in my bedroom. *cough* Um, I believe Salton has sent him.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Why did he do that? Is this some sort of practical joke?!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: I guess you could call it that.. Um..
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: And who is giggling back there? *grunt* Geezus, Gonavich is heavy.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Oh? Oh, Ms. Ome is with me. What the hell are you doing to him now?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: I am putting him in my bed.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Oh.. ehm... I guess you want to have privacy now?
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: What?!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Well, you said you were putting him in your bed.. so um..
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Christ Almighty!
Kau'i lifts a hand up to her mouth and smothers a series of giggles as she eyes Nix. Tears spring to her eyes and she quickly speaks, "You are very amusing. I think I'll keep you around."
Nix chuckles nervously as she obviously doesn't have a clue what is so /exactly/ funny.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Who is Christ Almighty?
Kau'i laughs then as the woman obviously doesn't understand- her next question garnes a laugh and she doubles over. Oooh.. Nix is a healing balm on her otherwised stressed soul.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Like I would find someone like Gonavich attractive. Good God. *Background Intercom: Mr. Nighthawk, please report to the security office.*
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: What did you guys do?!?!?!
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: I think I just finished writing a report. I believe ms. Ome is amused about something. Why?
Nix shakes her head as she apparently doesn't understand what this Alexander fellow wants.
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: Nevermind, Ms. Nix. I am leaving Gonavich in my bed, and moving to another set of quarters. If anything goes wrong here with Ensign Tsalea, well, I will make sure to inform you or Ms. Ome. Nighthawk out.
[P2P->Alexander] Nix: Um... Gotcha. So you're going to the Ensign's quarters?
Nix boggles, "He gets around somehow."
[P2P->Nix] Alexander: No. I think I am going to be interrogated. Nighthawk out.
Kau'i blushes then, very deeply as Nix speaks, a hand raising up to her lips as she...well..'boggles' as well, "Oh my."
Nix shrugs as the communications seem to have ceased. She glances at Kau'i with an utterly confused look on her face, "I think he needs checking up sometime. Well, at least we know where Gonavich is, mmm?"
Kau'i nods her head then as she continues to blush, Bolian returning to her usual demeanor slowly, "Indeed.." Soft voice replies and she shakes her head, taking in a deep breath, "I would have you check up on him but I need you here with me and the Salton as you are our only security personnel."
Nix nods, "Not a problem at all. I rather like this Salton droid, he's good company."
Nix seems to be a lot more relaxed now, now that Kau'i is not ranting and raving mad anymore like in sickbay.
Kau'i nods her head, "He is indeed." See..the lesson is..don't piss of Kau'i and she'll remain as meek as a kitten with no teeth or claws.
Nix will need to think of a way to have Kau'i permanently declawed sometime! "I don't know why mister Nighthawk found him so annoying, but then.." She coughs slightly and shrugs as she points to her communicator, "I think this explained it all."
Kau'i chokes then and looks at Nix, eyes wide, "Ah..yes. I suppose it did explain it..." She shakes her head, not understanding /how/ that would be an explanation, "Thank you for the report as well-" She lifts up her wrist unit and gives it a wiggle, "Hopefully Perrim will read it.":
Nix glances briefly at her console where her last actions are shown in an 'action log', or whatever the equivalent is on Salton. "It better be, I've sent him a copy, unless he changed his profile overnight." She grins as she looks back to Kau'i, "Or you can go convince him, I'm sure that'll be damn effective."
Kau'i laughs then softly as she looks at Nix, blue eyes lightening in hue just /slightly/ as her mood improves, "Nix..I am very sorry for how I acted earlier..I..am not used to commanding ships or people. Or being told to go to the washroom on a bed because it will 'clean itself'."
Nix blinks for a moment and then raises an eyebrow, "Wait a minit, that bed can DRIVE?" She seems to be rather impressed with that than the apology, "Hey, cool."
Kau'i blinks, "Drive? It does?" OH! Lets go race the biobeds!!!
Nix shrugs, "I don't know, you tell me! You said you could stay on the bed and go to the washroom with it. And it cleans itself!" She looks up into the nothingness above her, "Mrm, It'd been cool if I had such a bed as a li'l kid. Imagine all those times I could've avoided .. um.. ehm.." She seems to suddenly realize where she is now, "Oh, never mind, a bit too personal you know. Um.. Oh yeah, sure thing. Apology accepted."
Kau'i blinks, "I never knew it would have drove me to the washroom.." She suddenly seems piqued, "Maybe we should try driving them around the ship? That is curious indeed."
Nix grins, "I'd like to take up on your offer sometime. Maybe we can even overclock them, if Salton allows it of course." She stretches her arms, "But right now I'd like a li'l nap. I think I've got an information overflow at the moment."
Kau'i nods her head, "You know where the quarters are on the Salton? I'll speak to you later."
Nix nods as she begins to stand up, "I should know where the quarters are, as that's my starting point in this whole ship! But yeah. Alright, if you need me, just yell. I'm sure I'll be hearing you." She mutters to herself, "Even the Cardassians could've heard us." She heads towards the exit. "No touching the biobeds before I get a chance to, though. Alright, boss?"
Kau'i nods her head then as she leans back in her console seat, "All right. I promise to not try and test drive them before you wake up. I'll see you when you wake, Nix. And please, call me Kau'i."
Nix smiles, "Goody. Ta-ta Kau'i!" she hops outta the bridge.