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Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 01:25 pm
trinsec: Caught a bit of subspace conversation which may lead to a Cure!

<UFP>-[USS Endeavour|-9231 135 34] Shvenkus says, "Specify experiment, computer."
<UFP>-[USS Endeavour|-9231 135 34] Computer says, "Psionic shielding experiment in the main cargo bay of Deck 4. Authorized by Commander Alexis Grey."
<UFP>-[Salton|-9231 135 34] Kau'i says, "Test subject the same who is running the experiment?"
<UFP>-[USS Endeavour|-9231 135 34] Computer says, "Correction. Test subject is one Admiral Slate Grey."
<UFP>-[USS Endeavour|-9231 135 34] Shvenkus says, "So, science council, what seems to be the problem?"
<UFP>-[USS Endeavour|-9231 135 34] Computer says, "Commander Grey ordered me to provide the Science Council with relevant information. No problem has been detected."
<UFP>-[Salton|-9231 135 34] Kau'i says, "Please specify the specifics of the test. Who is being exposed to the infected? And the time so far has been around twenty minutes now? Status? Is the person being exposed still free from the 'virus'? What does the test entail in terms of psionic shielding? How long will the test be allowed to run?"
<UFP>-[USS Endeavour|-9231 135 34] Alex says, "I'm considering the test successful. I was able, with my limited telepathic abilties, to shield the effects well within exposure distance limits. Detailed telepathic data will be included in an open report to the Starfleet Science and Science Council once the report has been made by my esteemed collegues. All status is normal, with a full telepath, it seems my mind is easily shielded without difficulties. A full detailed report will be issued as soon as everyone involved gets some much needed rest so we can start anew in the morning."
<UFP>-[Salton|-9231 135 34] Kau'i says, "Congratulations, Admiral. I look forward to reading the report."
<UFP>-[Salton|-9231 135 34] Kau'i says, "And Commander, congratulations to you both. Get rest, you guys deserve it."