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Sat, Feb. 26th, 2005, 12:57 am
trinsec: Intermission

--[Subspace Transmission]----------------------------------------------------

                                 Sender: Nix
                       Location: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
            Date sent: 66356.41557026 (Fri Feb 25 17:13:26 2005)


I've been wandering for a while, and now am at DS-Nine. I was wondering.. lately I've had no contact anymore with Ms. Ome, or Perrim.. I've seen Salton around DS9 a while ago for a bit, not sure if he's still around.

And on top of this all, I've not seen you anywhere lately. I'm not sure, but FedSci seems to be.. non-responsive. And I can't find my contract anywhere stating that I work for them either. I know, I know, I should've cleaned my stuff, but eh.. Fact is that I can't find the contract. And seeing as everybody in FedSci Command is unresponsive, I can't ask for a copy either or whatnot.

So uh, I'm contacting you there. Just need stuff to do, maybe you knew of some jobs. Or maybe you know someone who does. We could meet sometime? My current location is DS-Nine, interesting place, you know. Was built by the Cardies I believe.. oh yeah, met a few of those a few weeks ago. They're weird. Ugly too, but I guess they can't help that. Mother nature can be so cruel at times.

Eh, I think I ramble on. Well, just let me know if we could meet sometime, and if so, where as well. That is, if you're not unresponsive either. If you are, I guess this message has been kind of fruitless.. but I hope it is not. So, if you're not unresponsive, could you respond on this message please? Thanks!

------------------------------------------------------[End of Transmission]--

Time to get active again? It's been quiet with Itsu for a long time.
In the meantime, she's been uh.. wandering around DS9. Met a few Cardassians. Even saw Salton there for a bit. FedSci went quiet. She contacted Alexander with the ICmail above.
Time to get her out of Quark's, where she's been holed up for a long time. Stay tuned.