The adventures of Itsu Nix

"Dude, this is going to be so trippin'!"

Itsu Nix - The adventures of a Niftykeen Trill
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A humanoid female with a caucasian look. She's roughly 1.70 meters tall, not an overly impressing size. Her body shows her feminine form. Her dark brown eyes are easily visible, although they sometimes get obscured a bit by her hair. Her hair is of almost the same dark brown color and is kinda straight with very slight curly tendencies at the edges. The hair is reasonably short and combed backwards, but near her face it is stubborn enough to spring back forwards, thus falling over her eyes. At first glance, anybody would consider her an average human, but there are twin columns of tan-colored spots that run from the forehead all the way down the neck to under her clothes, who knows how far they go down.

At first glance, her clothes are average but quite functional. She's wearing a nice dark red shirt without sleeves and with a little turtleneck on top. Going well with her shirt are the comfortable dark brown slacks that she wears, going from her waist all the way down to her ankles and containing handy large pockets at the sides. Below her slacks are big sturdy brown boots which seem to have seen many an action due to their slightly worn state. Over her shirt is a jacket that stands out because of the bright colors. The jacket is made of leather with a broken white color. Two large pink and yellow color bands go over the chest area of her jacket, giving that a cheery look. If the jacket is open, large inner pockets can be seen in the translucent cyan lining. A small silver necklace hangs around her neck with a little symbol dangling from it, which is often obscured.
A Gun
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Looking at the gun (It is an inside joke):
A Gun
This is "A Gun" for Key. What did you expect it to look like?